What to Look For in a European Comforter

The term “european comforter – californiadesignden.com” refers to a bedding style that’s used throughout Europe. It’s also known as “sleeping European style.” When you sleep in Europe, you often don’t use a top sheet and instead sleep with a duvet cover on the top of your bed.

Why do Europeans use two comforters?

Duvets are the bottom layer of a traditional bedding set and are usually made out of cotton. They are filled with either natural or synthetic materials like down feathers, down alternatives, wool, or polyester.

Down is the most common fill for duvets, and it’s a great choice for its ability to insulate and keep you warm. However, other options, such as down alternative, cotton, or wool, can provide a more comfortable and lightweight sleep experience.

The best down comforters offer a high-quality, responsibly-sourced fill and have a baffle box construction to prevent the filling from shifting and getting lumpy. They should have a high thread count, which helps to make the shell more breathable and less noisy as you move.

Another important factor to look for when shopping for a new comforter is its fabric shell, which will determine whether it will hold up and wear well over time. Tighter weaves are more likely to resist down working its way through the material and will therefore be more durable.

A down-filled comforter should be machine-washable on a cold cycle with mild detergents, and tumble-dry on low heat to avoid clumping. Frequent washing can decrease the life of your comforter by weakening the shell and making the filling more prone to shifting and bunching up.

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