Types of CBD Products

For those looking for an alternative to prescription pain medications and prescription opioids, the use of cannabis-derived products — specifically cannabidiol (CBD) e-commerce — is becoming increasingly popular. The drug has no psychoactive effects and may offer relief from pain, anxiety and other common symptoms.

Is CBD legal everywhere in the US?

There are numerous types of CBD products to choose from, ranging from tinctures and concentrates to edibles and gummies. If you’re looking to try a new, more natural approach, CBD teas are also a popular way to go.

A variety of CBD-infused coffees are now available from a local company founded in 2019. The ready-to-drink cold brew and bags of ground coffee containing 250 mg of broad-spectrum CBD make for an easy, on-the-go morning routine.

Hemp Flowers

Hemp-based products are a growing trend in the CBD industry. These products can be used in dry herb vaporizers, or they can be rolled into joints like you would a traditional marijuana bud.

CBD Gummies

You can find a variety of CBD gummies in stores and online, ranging from full-spectrum to isolate. Choosing the right one is important, as some gummies can have higher doses than others.

CBD In Austin

If you’re ready to try CBD, talk to your health care provider first. He or she can review your medical history, what other medications you may be taking and whether CBD may interact with these. They can also help you develop a symptom and dose diary to track the effect of CBD and determine when it is most effective.

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