How to Apply a Carpet Prespray

carpet prespray

A carpet prespray is a vital step in the cleaning process that loosens up dirt, spills and stains that are difficult for a steam cleaner or extraction machine to remove. These chemical sprays are formulated with surface active agents that penetrate deep into fibers to break up oil and soil. They also help prevent re-soiling by leaving no sticky soap or high pH residue that can attract dirt.

There are different types of carpet prespray available depending on your specific needs. For example, if you’re cleaning high traffic areas in an office, you may want to use a heavy duty industrial prespray that can withstand tough soils. On the other hand, if you’re cleaning residential carpets, you might want to use a milder prespray that is safer for pets and children.

Regardless of the type of prespray you choose, it’s important to apply it before you shampoo or extract. This allows you to take advantage of its soil transfer technology which helps move soils from the carpet to the cleaning pad. It can even help you extend the time between full carpet cleanings.

Why Carpet Prespray is Essential for Effective Carpet Cleaning

To apply the prespray, use an in-line injection sprayer, a pump-up sprayer or a battery-operated sprayer. Make sure the sprayer is set to low pressure and that you apply it thoroughly, covering all areas of the room or area that will be cleaned. Then let it dwell for a few minutes, allowing it to emulsify and dissolve soils and detergent residue. Once it’s had a chance to work, you can continue with the cleaning procedure with DEEP CLEAN or RINSE OUT, depending on your desired results.

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