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The company grew rapidly through the 1960s and 1970s, establishing a network of branch offices to supplement retailer-based credit financing transactions. It also began conducting consumer spending and market research studies, becoming a respected source of information on trends in consumer buying behavior. It expanded its products and services to include equipment loans through the company’s UFB Locabail subsidiary; credit card services; mortgage, property, and development services through its UCB, Klepierre, and Klecentres subsidiaries; savings plans, investment products, and stock brokerage services through Coital; and life insurance through its Cardif subsidiary.

Cetelem customer support contact breakthrough came in 1983, when it introduced its credit financing system based on Minitel terminals at retail point-of-sale locations. The system allowed customers to apply for credit financing by answering a few simple questions and received approval or denial responses within minutes. Contract documents were printed on dedicated printers at the terminals. By using the Minitel network, Cetelem avoided significant infrastructure costs.

Cetelem Customer Support: How to Easily Contact Them for Financial Assistance

By 1996, the company was a major force in the European credit industry with a dominant position in France’s credit cards market. It also had strong presence in other European markets, including Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In the latter country, however, competition from Dutch bank AMRO made it difficult for Cetelem to gain a foothold in the country’s lucrative market.

Today, Cetelem, which is now part of BNP Paribas Personal Finance, continues to focus on innovation and streamlined internal processes. It recently selected Axway’s AMPLIFY API Management solution to speed up its internal processes and enhance collaboration with business partners.

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