Car Accident Lawyers in New York

Car accident lawyers are a traumatic experience even when the crash is minor. But when the accident is serious and you are injured, a car accident lawyer may be needed to help you recover from the physical, emotional, and financial consequences of your injuries.

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In the State of New York, a car accident lawyer can be your main source of compensation for your crash-related losses. However, New York’s no-fault insurance rules mean that your first stop for compensation will be your own insurer – and their representatives aren’t likely to be enthusiastic about writing you a check. They will work hard to find any reason they can to devalue your claim and prevent you from receiving the money you deserve.

A car accident attorney can guide you through the process of filing a claim with your own insurer as well as against any other liable parties that may have contributed to the accident. These include other drivers, the manufacturer or seller of your vehicle, and any other entities involved in the accident. A car accident lawyer can also advise you about time limits (called statutes of limitations) for filing your lawsuit in court, so that you don’t miss the deadline and lose your right to seek compensation.

When determining the value of your claim, an experienced car accident lawyer will consider all of your economic damages including the costs of medical treatment and future care as well as how your injuries have impacted your ability to work or enjoy life in general. They will also look at the non-economic damages you are seeking – such as your pain and suffering and your loss of quality of life.

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