Kudu Hunting in South Africa

Kudu Hunting in South Africa

Kudu Hunting in South Africa is a bucket list item for many hunters. These long spiral horned antelope are majestic and elusive. A large kudu bull, Tragelaphus strepsiceros cottoni is considered to be a trophy animal and can measure up to 47” with an old bull reaching over 54”. They are browsers and feed on leaves of trees and shrubs indigenous to Southern Africa. They are also seasonal feeders and consume various fruits, seeds, pods and creepers during different seasons. The kudu has a very tough hide and is difficult to spot.

Kudu Hunting in South Africa  greater southern kudu is the largest of the spiral horned antelope and it is found in Southern Africa from Eritrea to Ethiopia, Kenya to Tanzania, Mozambique to Malawi and all the way down through Zambia and the southeastern corner of CAR into Zimbabwe and Namibia. The kudu is a wide-spread species and has been widely introduced on game ranches in Southern Africa.

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Hunting Kudu is done either by stalking or from a hunting blind. In the case of a blind hunt it is usually setup around a well-known kudu area such as a water hole or food source and the hunter is concealed in a hunting blind from which they can wait until the Kudu comes within shooting range.

Kudu are a big, tough animal and shot placement is key. Shooting at the heart/lung area is recommended as this will ensure a clean kill. A high caliber such as a 7mm or a.270 may not be ideal for this kind of hunting because they can suffer deflections from the briar bush and other brush where Kudu often reside. However, the use of a muzzleloader is an option as some safari outfitters allow this.

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