Cool Trip Ideas For Father and Son To Do Together

As a father, taking your son on a memorable trip shows that you care. The best Trip Ideas for Father and Son Trip are centered around your boy’s interests. Whether that is sports, food, or even movies, planning a unique experience just for him will make your bond stronger.

What can I do with my dad as a son?

If your son enjoys outdoor activities, try hiking in the beautiful mountains of Colorado or California. You could also visit the Everglades, a sprawling swamp ecosystem home to rare wildlife, like alligators and Florida panthers.

Another great outdoors trip is to explore the desert sands of Morocco with an adventurous spirit. At Gold Sand Camp, you’ll stay in a tiny desert camp, surf giant waves of windswept sand on a 4×4 or camelback, and eat Berber dinners under a never-ending sky full of twinkling stars.

For a more urban adventure, head to the city of Austin in Texas. It’s the perfect destination for music and food, and it has a thriving cultural scene that will spark your son’s imagination and lead to some genuinely epic bonding moments. If you’re both foodies, check out the critically acclaimed barbecue joints, plant-based comfort foods shops, Indian bars, Italian trattorias, and diners that populate the city’s downtown area.

For a road trip that’s both healthy and fun, consider the Cincinnati Beer Run. It’s a 2.5-mile running trail that features refreshing beer every half mile. Of course, your boy must be of legal age to participate. If not, you can always go to Huntsville, Alabama, where they have a lot of hiking and running trails that will have both of you sweating and earning a big caloric dinner afterward.

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