The Dangers of Shaking Kombucha

When kombucha shaking kombucha , it naturally produces carbon dioxide. This effervescence makes it fizzy, but shaking kombucha disrupts the delicate balance between yeast and bacteria and can cause excessive carbonation or messy spills when you open the bottle. It can also introduce harmful bacteria to your kombucha and alter the flavor.

Shaking a bottle of kombucha can create a dangerous situation where the pressure inside the bottle builds up so much that it bursts. The pressure comes from the dissolved carbon dioxide in the liquid. During 2nd fermentation, the bacteria and yeast culture ferments sugar from any flavoring or juices into alcohol and acids and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide can’t escape the bottles, and if they are not vented properly or sealed tightly enough, this increased pressure can cause the bottle to explode.

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In addition to exploding bottles, shaking can also disturb the SCOBY and affect the brewing process. It can also cause the kombucha to be less bubbly or even flat. If you prefer a fizzy kombucha, try adding more sugar or using a flavoring that sparks the yeast. Lemon or ginger are great for boosting the bubbles, and even a little bit of fruit can help the kombucha fizz up.

Instead of shaking a bottle of kombucha, gently tilt it back and forth to stir it. This is less disruptive than shaking, and it allows the sediment at the bottom of the bottle to be evenly distributed throughout the drink. The sediment is safe to drink and contains a high concentration of beneficial probiotics, so don’t be afraid to enjoy the stuff at the bottom!

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