Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

triple eccentric butterfly valve

A triple eccentric butterfly valve is an innovative design that features a three-point eccentric combination, eliminating scraping between the valve seat and disc during its 90-degree stroke, and thereby significantly improving its sealing performance. The first two points of eccentricity – the shaft and valve seat cone axes being offset from each other – produce a cam-like motion, ensuring the valve seal has a tight encircling contact with the seat at all times. This eliminates rubbing between the valve seat and seal ring during the opening and closing cycle of the valve, greatly reduces seat and seal damage, and extends the cycle life of the valve.URL: Find out

The third point of eccentricity, a curved profile machined into the valve seat and the shaft, provides an optimized seat angle that ensures excellent thermal expansion capabilities and minimizes wedging or binding of the seal at high temperatures. This results in a longer seat and shaft life, lower operating torque, and improved sealing performance, even with the most difficult media.

Energy Efficiency and Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves: A Sustainable Solution

In this study, the fluid force characteristics induced by steam pressure fluctuation and shedding of vortices near the disc-stem assembly inside the triple eccentric butterfly valve were studied through 3D unsteady flow simulation and experimental modal analysis. The main frequencies of the pressure fluctuations exhibited by the valve were found at the key points in the fluid passage, especially those at Section 0. The amplitude of the main frequency increased with increasing inlet flow rate.

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