Thermal Imaging Heat Loss Survey

thermal imaging heat loss survey

A thermal imaging heat loss survey is the quickest and most effective way to identify all the areas in your property that are responsible for excess heat or energy wastage – saving you money and keeping your property warm. We use a FLIR drone to capture high definition thermal images, and subsequently analyse these to highlight the critical problem areas, giving you the information you need to address them in order to reduce heating bills and prevent the loss of valuable heat through air leaks. Read more

The thermal images captured by the camera are based on radiated energy which is not visible, but can be detected by the infrared (IR) spectrum of light. The cameras detect the differences in IR radiation that is emitted by objects of different temperatures, and then generates an electronic image based on this data. Thermal images are normally greyscale with black being cold and white being hot, although some cameras have the ability to add colour to the image for better identification of materials of differing temperatures.

Residential Energy Savings: The Impact of Thermal Imaging Heat Loss Surveys

Thermal imaging, or thermography, is a non-destructive technique that can be used to locate insulation voids, check for electrical faults and connections, as well as find leaks in the building structure. Thermal imaging surveys are often conducted during a home energy assessment as they are the most accurate and non-invasive method of identifying energy losses, air leakage paths and other problems with the building fabric. Thermography can also be used to verify building performance to specifications, and can even be used to assess a new build’s compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations.

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