Running Track Resurfacing Near Me

running track resurfacing near me

A world-class running track is an exciting addition to any sports facility. However, it’s a significant investment. Involving experienced professionals from day one will assure successful outcomes for both your new track construction project and its ongoing maintenance needs.URL :

A good running track surface can last for years with proper care. Choosing the right materials will help maximize your track’s life cycle.

Resurfacing a track can be done every 8-12 years depending upon the use of the surface and climate. The process of resurfacing only covers the top layer of the track and does not address substrate irregularities or damage. A new rubber or polyurethane surface is applied to the existing base and is typically broadcast into a flow application of a spray or latex resurfacing system.

Budget-Friendly Track Resurfacing Options Near Me

Regularly sweeping the track and removing any slip-causing materials will keep your runners safe. This is especially important after large events or before any high-level competition. Having a quality sports construction company to provide resurfacing, repairs, and line markings will also minimize the impact on your budget.

Asphalt-bound surfaces were the first modern track surfacing systems to be invented. These surfaces are very fast, ideal for sprinting and allow runners to maintain a steady rhythm. However, temperature changes can cause asphalt to soften in the summer and harden in the winter – creating problems with traction.

Investing in a resurfacing service will help to protect your investment and ensure your athletes have a quality running surface. A professional can help you determine if your current surface is ready for resurfacing and, if not, recommend the best course of action to get your facility back on track.

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