Why Drink Tea With Kratom?

kratom drink tea

One of the more traditional methods of consuming kratom is to make a tea. This allows the drinker to enjoy a more natural flavor, reduce the amount of plant matter consumed, and may enhance the effects.

This herbal plant is often consumed to ward off fatigue, as a stimulant or for pain relief. It contains alkaloids that interact with receptors in the brain to produce a wide variety of effects, including sedation and stimulation. Although the Food and Drug Administration has not approved kratom, it can be found in many forms, including tablets, capsules, powder, and leaf. It is sold as a dietary supplement and is available over the counter in some states. Find out https://www.mitwellness.com/kratom/tea

The Science Behind Kratom Tea: How It Works in Your Body

Some users report that consuming kratom gives them energy, alertness and euphoria. The effects are said to last for about an hour and a half after ingestion. In higher doses, kratom can have a sedative effect similar to opioid drugs. This can lead to drowsiness and loss of motor coordination, and has been reported to cause seizures, hallucinations, and coma in some patients.

Although kratom is not a controlled substance in the United States, long-term use can result in liver damage and other health complications. It also does not show up on standard drug tests, which can be a problem for some people who need to take it legally or professionally. In addition, it has been linked to serious addiction in some cases. This is largely due to its ease of availability, low cost and high-reward potential.

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