Unique Types of Earrings for Men

Unique Types of Earrings for Men

When it comes to picking out a pair of Unique Types of Earrings for Men , you want something that will fit with your look and lifestyle. For example, an eye-catching hoop would go down well with a creative professional or art student but not so much with a corporate executive. It’s also important to consider your wardrobe and the way you dress, as earrings should be easy to style within your everyday outfits.

For example, studs are the classic choice, but you can switch things up with a pair of hex studs from Allsaints that have been purposefully tarnished to remove shine for a more unique look. You can wear them to give your casual looks a sophisticated edge or with a suit and tie for a more polished look.

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Another low-key option is a huggie or hoops earring, which are on-trend and work with almost any outfit. A silver huggie from Amethyst can be worn to elevate a laidback look or you could opt for a hoop in oxidized sterling silver with a skull design from HarlemBling that’s more of an oversized statement piece.

If you’re not quite ready for an ear tunnel or plug but want to experiment with this style, try out men’s taper earrings that feature a wide hoop but taper to a point to fit in standard piercings. Or if you want to keep it more subtle, clip-ons are an alternative and will let you see if you like this look before getting a proper piercing.

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