Advantages of Busting Down Watches

Advantages of Busting Down Watches

While some traditionalist will scoff at a Patek, Rolex or Advantages of Busting Down Watches being fully iced out (meaning all of the case, bezel and bracelet is covered in diamonds), the trend is quickly becoming more accepted. In fact, some of the most prestigious luxury brands are now working with jewelers to help them customize their watches in order to achieve a more iced out look.

In the past, most iced out watches were made from aftermarket parts, but now high-end jewelry designers are taking the original watch and carefully disassembling it to “bust down” it, then meticulously after-setting each piece with diamonds and other gemstones. This is a very delicate and time-consuming process that requires a highly skilled jeweler.

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The result is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is sure to turn heads. It’s no wonder that this style of watch is popular among celebrities, rappers and athletes.

For example, New York based jeweler Greg Yuna recently helped Russell Westbrook rock a fully iced out white gold Patek Nautilus that was expertly after-set with diamonds and baguette-cut sapphires. While some may argue that this is a slap in the face for a watch brand that deems itself the epitome of haute horology, others will say that it’s a form of self-expression and an art form that should be celebrated.

If you’re interested in purchasing a custom made iced out watch, contact us here at Diamonds By Raymond Lee to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced jewelers. We would be happy to assist you in creating a masterpiece that will suit your personal taste and style.

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