Introduction to Paid Social Advertising

Introduction to Paid Social Advertising

Unlike traditional marketing channels, such as TV ads or billboards, social media advertising offers a measurable ROI. When executed correctly, paid social campaigns can help you drive micro-conversions (free samples, trials, or direct website traffic) at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing tactics. URL

When starting with paid social, it’s important to identify your goals. Whether your objective is building brand awareness or driving sign-ups or sales, establishing clear campaign objectives gives your campaigns a guiding star, shaping the content, targeting and budget to align with what you want to achieve.

Getting Started with Paid Social Advertising: An Introduction

In addition to setting your goals, it’s also important to understand your audience. With the right insights, you can enhance your social ad campaigns by understanding who is viewing them, at what time of day, and more. Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide powerful ad options that give you the ability to target specific demographics, interests and behaviors.

Finally, it’s important to be ready for a little trial and error with your first paid social campaign. Whether it’s optimizing creative, copy or targeting, a few small changes can go a long way in improving your results. That’s why we recommend using a tool like Sprout, which lets you track organic and paid efforts side-by-side to see what works, when it works and why. The more your social ads look and feel like organic content, the better. That’s why TikTok is so successful with its “Make TikToks, not ads” mantra and why creator-based ads have been such a success on Instagram.

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