Buy Magic Mushrooms Online in Canada

If you want to buy magic mushrooms online in Canada, it’s important to do your homework. Check out the seller’s reputation, reviews and payment methods to ensure you’re dealing with a legitimate business. Also, always opt for a vendor that offers lab-tested shrooms that are safer to consume. Lastly, make sure you use secure payment platforms like Cash App to protect your financial information. Find out

Psilocybin, also known as magic mushrooms, is a Schedule III drug in Canada and the production, sale and possession of it are illegal without a licence from a health-care provider for medicinal purposes. But despite this, dispensaries specializing in psilocybin are popping up across the country. Stores with names such as Fun Guyz and House of Mushroom are attracting customers who are interested in the drug’s psychedelic effects or its therapeutic benefits. Some of these shops have even been raided by police, but they seem to reopen as quickly as they close.

At a hearing this week, a panel ruled that Vancouver’s Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary on West Broadway can have its business licence reinstated. It’s a decision that Dana Larsen, owner of the store, says opens “the door wide” for regulating the retail sale of magic mushrooms and other entheogens.

Empowerment Through Education: Promoting Safe and Informed Use in Canadian Magic Mushroom Dispensaries

He plans to bring a motion to council this year asking staff to look at establishing bylaws to allow the regulated sales of magic mushrooms, LSD, DMT and peyote, similar to the framework the city adopted in 2015 to legalize cannabis retail. He also wants to see the city take a more progressive approach to drug policy, and to focus its enforcement efforts on trafficking and sale of drugs such as opioids that are causing overdose deaths.

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