Email Validator API

Email validation helps marketers maintain a clean email list, improve email deliverability, and maximize the return on investment of their email marketing campaigns. It helps identify disposable email addresses, catch-all, and role-based emails that can cause high bounce rates. The process also flags invalid domains and catches typos in email addresses.

This email verification API identifies invalid and fake email IDs in real time. It uses a number of factors to validate email address, including syntax, domain, mailbox existence, and spam trap detection. It also detects disposable emails and removes them from your email list. It can be used in registration paths, signup forms, and landing pages. This email validator API allows you to check a single email address for accuracy, as well as in bulk. It also supports many programming languages, including Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and PHP.

Top Email Validator APIs for Developers

It is a free to use email validator with a simple and fast API. It checks email addresses for typos and other issues in the email field and flags them as invalid, temporary, or catch-all. It offers a simple, pay-as-you-go pricing model, and new users get 100 free credits for the service. It can be used in the background to check email addresses as people type them in forms or sign up for newsletters, and it is compatible with a wide range of CRMs and email service providers. It can also be integrated into websites and apps for real-time validation, preventing invalid email addresses from entering databases.

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